04 August 2010

Fruitful conflict

So yesterday was an election day and today I read an American Spectator article that emphasized the dichotomy of our country in the political arena. The odd thing is I feel like I'm watching the same thing occuring in the church (in general not one church).

A constant tension exists between what young want, what old want, what music style is preferred, the length of church, the frequency of church, the length of music the length and style of preaching. It's like we as a society are fractured and no longer know how to communicate.

Each side of the equation (political and church) call each other wrong. The Christians can go so far as to say sin and evil. Politicians call each other liars. This has been a sad part of society for me to realize since I've been back in the USA. It may have always been there and for some reason my absence and return brought it to the forefront.

But within the church I had a strange and I'm sure completely unrealistic thought. What would our conflicts look like if we were ruled by the fruit of the Holy Spirit when we dealt with one another and the issues. What if love, joy, peace, patience, self control, kindness, goodness, gentleness, and faithfulness were our watch words in dealing with how others want to do church. I know many of the arguers would say no -- they are being faithful because it is WRONG. But, the situation could still be handled with love, joy and peace surely? Alas, no, it seems not. And this makes me sad.


  1. Well said. Being closer to the inside of ministry has made me more aware of this also, it makes me sad too.

  2. This makes me very sad as well because the implications are severe.

  3. I just watched Lord, Save me from your Followers. Sobering and challenging. It confirms my post here that we aren't impacting people positively but shows some people who are trying to see differently.

    Also - since you guys are the seemingly only followers - I have this set up to go into a note in Facebook, but for some reason it takes the better part of week for it to appear there. If that is any easier...