28 January 2008


Wow - the holidays passed and things are settling back to normal. November-December passed with 10 flights for me from Madrid, to KC and Arizona, Florida. It was good to the grandparents after so long. It took all my "birthday" money to do the flights but it was a good decision. Then finally back in KC with snow every 3 or 4 days and lots of fun and food with friends adn family. We felt like we had a real winter with all the winter weather. Thanks to many of you for feeding us or hanging out with us. Felt the absence of Dash and T, and BB and Wah-Wah. BTW, BB or Wah-Wah send us your email off blog. We have friends from here headed to live in your city.

The moment I got to Spain I got sick with the flu/cold thing and only went back to work finally two weeks ago. I guess I just needed a rest and there wasn't anything pressing at work so I took the sick days without remorse. Hit the ground running with a new project, well two actually. 1. promote the Bible School here. 2. Revisit their 40 years of history. We have until the 15th to get it done so it will be really, really hectic. It's my first go as a director as well as producer for IMM, I've done it on my own but it is a good project to sink my teeth into. Last week it required a quick trip (4.5 hours away) to Cordoba and Bible School.

Last week I also saw a motorcycle wreck into a car in Spanish traffic. A little scary as people were trying to put the guy in their car and drive off, but ultimately an ambulance came and the police which I was glad to see. The same night I double parked which people do here all the time but I found it nerve wracking to listen for honking in case I needed to move my car. Life is interesting -- even when you don't expect it!