14 September 2011


I decided that I didn´t want to put out a half baked book, so I am undertaking the process of finding an editor. I did not know what to expect and I am a bit overwhelmed. I gathered names from a writers´list serve I read. I tried to stick to the ones with personal recommendations. One person had recommended getting a sample edit so you can see if you will be a good match with a potential editor.

I started out with this and didn´t realize I needed to disclose that I was looking for several samples. One editor was unhappy with me and refused. I felt stupid and ignorant even though I meant nothing negative from the way I was going about the process. The editor has good connections so I believe she´s the real deal.

One sample feels a tad too light and one too deep. Another strong writer I know is saying maybe another pass myself for another rewrite. I realized myself that I have not read this version outloud which I think is a very good editing exercise. I´ve done it with parts of the book just not this draft. You´d be amazed the errors you hear and catch this way. All of this cuts into writing my new WiP which I have started. I´m excited about the new work and not as much about hashing out the one I think is "done" one more time. The thing to do is remove the emotions and give the book the best chance possible to be its best.

I will choose an editor and make sure Kruger gets its day in the world for people to read, but maybe I´ll read through it again too. Finding an editor is a new part of the writer process to learn and I´ll try not to beat myself up on the way.