31 October 2007

I'm here. Really.

I'm feeling guilty it has been so long. The hardest thing is that I have so many things I want to blog about that I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start or what to put down.

(photos available for all these)There was the work trip to Switzerland. Followed soon after by the local bull run/fiesta. Then a major, major birthday that Dar surprised me and took me to a castle to stay the night. Followed by 3 days later a team of 10 people arriving from OPAG. That was cool, but being the tour guide was very stressful for me even though everyone was sweet. The same day they left, my dad and I went to Rome. Very cool and big city. I liked the vatican more than I expected. Then a day at home and off to Casablanca for the weekend with Dar and Dad. A little lingering intestinal distress from that weekend (not not a blog worthy topic.)

Friday, we are having people over for a joint birthday of Dar and another guy. It's an 80s theme and ought to be a hoot. Someone asked me what we were going to doooo? Are we playing games or something? I felt very old - I mean hanging out, food, and friends is enough for me. I like games too, but I don't need them I guess. Do you know any 80s games that don't involve purchasing a board game in English?