22 January 2013

Reading List 2012 with ratings

Late but here is my reads for 2012. It's a short list compared with last year. Partly from working more hours, partly from writing a draft of a book, and releasing another book into the world and trying to promote it (Kruger is now a paperback incidentally as well as a ebook.) All that took time away from writing but I enjoyed it too. Pinterest probably cut into my writing but usually I do that between books or when the hubby has on TV that I don't care about. (I'm not a good read with the telly on person.)

My star rating is very random I did just now. If a book was interesting and I wasn't distracted it gets 3 stars. Nearly everything got three stars and almost nothing broke above that and rarely did I read something that went below. This year was a deal breaker. I read a lot of books that I didn't love. (**) So maybe some got four stars that in times past would have been three since I was so desperate for a good read.

This year I also stopped reading books that were dull. I think I put down two or three books which is also a new record for me.

Do we have any books in common? What were your recent favorite reads? I'm always looking for a good book.

1. The Fencing Master, PĂ©rez-Reverte Arturo, Spain 1800s, real, ****
2. January Kills Me, Evan, e book, ***
3. God's Spy by Juan Gomez-Jurado , convocation for new pope Rome, real, ****
4. Death in Malta, Rosanne Dingli, ebook, ***
5. Roman Blood, Steven Saylor, historical Rome, real,***
6. After Dark, Phillip Margolin, Oregon, real, **
7. Something Rotten, Jasper  FForde, alt reality UK, real, ***
8. Death and the penguin, Andy Kurkov, Kiev, ebook, ** (too dark or I would give it more stars)
9. The Blue Hallelujah, Andy Straka, ebook. Richmond, VA. kidnap. Ebook, **
10. Child of silence, Abigail Padgett, n. cal. Manic-depressive main character, ebook, **
11. Death of a serpent, Susan Russo anderson, Sicily, ebook, *
12. The lion, the lamb, and the hunted, a psychological thriller, by Andrew Kaufman, texas, ebook, **
13. The Prey, Allison Brennan, LA, real book, ***
14. The Whistling Shadow, Mabel Seeley, 1954, Minneapolis, real, ****
15. Angels passing, Graham Hurley, pompey uk, moden bristol police procedural, real, ***
16. Jane and the ghosts of Netley, stephanie barron, historical jane austen, southampton uk, real,***
17. Unveiled, francine Rivers, tamar, ebook, **
18. Still Waters, by tami hoag, minnesota small town, real, ***
19. We are all made of glue, marina lewycka, uk, real, ***
20. Bubba and the Dead Woman, C. L. Bevill, south texas, ebook, **
21. Four views of Divine Providence, Gundry, Jowers editors (Helseth, Craig, Highfield, Boyd) ebook, ** (poor formatting)
22. The Throwbacks, stephanie barron, boston, ebook, **
23. A shot in the bark, carol ann newsome, oregon, ebook, ***
24. While you were micro sleeping, steve moore, nonfiction, ebook loan, * (blogs glued together)
25. An Arctic Event, Robert Ludlum series written by James Cobb, real book, gift, ****(took 60 pages to get into, surprised to know I like espionage)
26. The Bad Seed, William March 1954, alabama, real, *****
27. Penance by David Housewright, Minneapolis, St. paul, ebook, ***
28. A Small Death in Lisbon, Robert Wilson, Lisbon, Portugal, ebook, ****
29. Gaudy Night, Dorothy L. Sayers, Oxford, England 1930s, ebook, ****
30. Talking Detective Fiction, PD James, nonfiction, real, ***
31. A Place of Hiding, Elizabeth George, Guernsey Island, UK, ebook, ***
32. Man in the Queue, Josephine Tey, UK 1930s, ***