02 January 2014

Books read in 2013

  1. Narrow Dog to Indian River, Terry Darlington, South USA, travelogue ****
  2. The Sholes Key, Clarissa Draper, UK, **
  3. Sick Puppy, Carl Hiaasen, Florida, ***
  4. Mothers, miniskirts, and muslims, Christine a. mallouhi, nonfiction***
  5. Fever Dream, by Preston and Child, Africa, Louisiana, etc.****
  6. Cabal, Michael Dibdin, an Aurelio Zen detective mystery, Rome & Milan, ***
  7. Dog-ma, the zen of slobber, Barbara Brunner, nonfiction dog stories, ***
  8. winter in Madrid, CJ Sansom, Madrid  during WW II, ****
  9. Death of an obnoxious tourist, Maria Hodgins, Florence, **
  10. The psyhopath Test: a journey into the madness industry. Jon Ronson nonfiction. ***
  11. Approacing Menace, June Shaw, alabama, *
  12. The Absent One, Jussi adler-olsen, copenhagen, ****
  13. The dog who bit a policeman, Stuart m. kaminsky, Moscow, ****
  14. the last page, Libby Fischer Hellmann & David Walker, novella in a library, **
  15. Subterranean, by James Rollins, caves in antarctica, ****
  16. Spying in High Heels, By Gemma Halliday, LA, ***.5
  17. The Scent of Rain and Lightening, by Nancy Pickard, Kansas, *****
  18. The Bookseller, by Mark Pryor, Paris, ****
  19. The Appeal, John Grisham, Mississippi ***
  20. Grass Roots, Stuart Woods, DC Georgia, not my politics, ***
  21. Extreme Measures, Vince Flynn, Washington DC and others ****
  22. Betaread for someone...not fun, too much like work
  23. Cold Vengeance, *** due to cliff hanger ending, by preston and childs, scotland and new york city
  24. Two graves, Preston and Childs **** lots of USA
  25. Kissing Christmas Goodbye, MC Beaton, *** Cotswalds UK
  26.  The angel of the odd, edgar allen poe, short story.
  27.  Silent Night, Mary Higgins Clark, NyC ***
  28. Road to Gandolfo, robert Ludlum, switzerland, d.c., italy, ****
This year again I read fewer books than a couple years ago and that makes me feel somehow sad. I can tell you about editing, writing or a really intense new day job, but it just is what it is. I used to read a book a week or more a few years ago, but I do a lot more writing than I used to and that I count as a success. I also make myself accomplish a few household tasks as well as writing tasks before I start a new book (to motivate me!), so that slowed me down, but was productive for my life. I wish I'd had more five star rating worthy books the last couple years but more I liked this year than last.