08 June 2008

Italy part 2

Pizza; pasta; pastries; gelato. Repeat. Beautiful scenery. Ahhh. If I go into daily detail like BB, I'd get way too long. See how much I wrote in just a couple days?! One observation - when there are a bunch of tourists who don't know what language each other speak, they all just give one another strange smiles rather than speak to say hello or excuse me. Lots and lots of Brits and Aussies in the area. What fun. Glad we indulged ourselves - now back to the routine. It was a long week.

hmmm pizza


So the staff does nothing? This sign was at Pompei bathrooms.

Dar at Pompei.

A courtyard at Pompei.

seafood pasta

Capri main port

On the boat headed to the Blue Grotto

up high on Capri

We took almost this exact same photo on our honeymoon in Florida!

The view from our Positano hotel!

prosciutto, provolone, and tomatoes, yum.

We were in shadow so we used the flash and this picture looks fake but I promise it's totally real.

Dar loves this picture he took of me in Ravello - 1,000 feet over the sea.

Lots of views like this in Ravello.