25 May 2006

The power of scent

I was wrestling a flowering shrub out front tonight, tying it to the porch railing that it is suppose to grow up and cover. From moving the branches around so much a scent came off the plant. It was a green outdoors slightly fruity smell. I was instantly in the "old neighborhood" where I was a small child. We were tearing up bits of leaves and plants making a "stew." I think it was an game of Indians.

Isn't it funny how smells can be so powerful to memory?

Others smells that come to mind:
honeysuckle - 3 separate memories pop one after the other
a certain cologne - reminds me of dating Dar
cigarettes and perfume at the same time - reminds me of my grandma hiding the fact she smokes with lots of perfume.
the smell of breakfast cooking - I'm being taken care of (grandparents, parents, husband)

I think I thought of more when I was outside, but they're gone now. What are you're scent memories?