06 April 2010

Must we?

Lately I've been wondering why we can't all get along.

Recently I've come across several fairly vicious Christian criticisms of other Christians. I know in the course of the world the denominations of Christianity have split over a host of doctrinal issues. I have no doubt that the crucial doctrine in question seemed important enough to start a new church...but now we have a lot of name brands if you will that mostly agree on a lot of things. I'm not saying denominations should give up their differences what's bothering me is the individual attacks.

Take for instance the worship wars. The debate between old and new music. Style in my opinion but someone recently said the new style has no depth and is useless and not spiritual at all. I'm willing to say all things are not beneficial but much is about perspective and to right off an entire portion of the population because you don't like it is pretty rough stuff.  The thing is this goes both ways; the older people don't like the new music and the younger people don't like the old music. No one is happy. We can't look around and say, I don't like this but it ministers to someone here, so I will close my eyes and worship God and ignore what I don't like. I would argue it's style but someone recently told me - no,  there is no content. Wow.

A VERY popular book in recent years referred to as cultic, major hits by major radio/tv preachers at other really famous preacher guys. Emerging "style" or mega-church style versus old school. It's not an argument of style but an accusation of only tickling ears and leading people astray. Astray? So the basic tenet of Jesus born of a virgin, died, rose from the dead and he is the only way isn't common ground that you can say, "Hey, I don't like your style" and just go on?

Is there so little evil in the world that the Christian community has to resort to attacking itself? Is what in my perview is style so important that we send our fellow believers to hell on these things? I know sometimes the doctrinal issues pop up in these things. I went to a church for several years and finally one day had to say, that doctrine isn't lining up with my Bible. While I moved on and I'm uncomfortable with certain tv preachers and that version of Christianity, I wouldn't say those people are going to hell. I also wouldn't contributre to their ministry or encourage others in that path. But do I need to lambast them?

Nevermind the individual version of this where we judge people for hair or clothes or smelling of smoke or drink or whatever. We seem to be on the judging train both corporately for other versions of church as well as individually for those personal sins and issues as well.

What a shock that the people who don't go to church don't want to come.  I have tried to imagine the impact we human beings could have if we loved like Jesus, unconditionally and yet with such purity it makes sin run. I know I'm not doing that idea justice, what about you?

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