03 February 2010

Notes to my older self

I've been thinking for the last couple years that there are so many things I can learn from my grandparents and the older people in my life. Some of the things I've learned from direct statements by them but some are by observing their lives.

I wonder though if the younger me, now, maybe is unrealistic for what I will be capable of say in my 70s or 80s, if I make it that far. Or maybe what I think I will want will be dramatically different than I think it is right now.

So here goes. Notes to my older self in no particular order:
  • Don't complain. Or at least get it out of my system and move on.
  • Try to see something good in each day.
  • Shower regularly. 
  • Get dressed everyday.
  • Keep socializing, even if I don't feel like it.
  • Don't get too picky about food or you'll be a prisoner to your own tastes.
  • Don't get too picky that no one's help is good enough.
  • Stop and smell the flowers.
  • If I end up somewhere new, make new friends.
  • Tell people you appreciate them while they are here, rather than saying it to others when they're gone.
  • If no one invites me, I will invite them. (Christmas, birthdays, etc)
  • Try to make it easier for whoever has to take care of things when I'm gone. (downsize and clean out).
  • Enjoy what I have even if it means using it up.
  • Life is what you make it.
  • Use the good dishes.
  • Young people help you feel young.
  • Cliques exist even in retirement homes. That is never ending.
  • Go to the doctor even if I don't want to go. Take the medicine they prescribe according to directions.
  • Walk.
  • Get time outdoors.
  • If you get out of the habit of something, it's over. (cooking, driving, shopping) Keep doing things as long as possible.
  • Try to leave space for other music styles, clothes styles, etc. to not all be horrible because they aren't what I liked.
I'm sure there's more. What would you add? Any objections?

I also hope when I'm older I'll be able to afford a cleaning helper and regular pedicures, but I suppose that's pure indulgence.

Of course, I really need to start practicing this stuff now, why not? Right?

1 comment:

  1. That's a good idea and a good list. The one that I have decided on is that I will not be a grumpy old man who cynically expects the worst from those in younger generations. I have run into that too much, and I could see myself doing the same thing if I don't make a point of avoiding it. I don't have anything else that isn't represented in your list, though.