16 April 2008

Bateador de Oro

I learned a new phrase this week. You see, my dad arrives Friday for a visit and he came up with an interesting idea. He wants to explore a gold-panning area. Apparently in the north the Romans did a lot of gold mining and people still pan there. So I learned bateador de oro which I'm not totally clear on but I think it means a gold panner.

This is something so completely unusual and off the beaten tourist track that it will be interesting. Dar pointed out that the Spanish came to the new world looking for gold and now my dad is coming back to raid the Old World for their gold. Something funny in that.

It will only be for the weekend, then we'll tourist around here more with Dad and be in the office. He's going to try to finish some work the church started when they were here last fall. So I'll be playing tourist and hostess next week...and gold panner. (Is that even a word/phrase??)


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  2. That's not something that I would even think of doing. Probably a great way to get to know parts of Spain that you wouldn't otherwise get an opportunity to visit.

  3. Interesting. You don't hear much about people going to europe to dig for gold.

  4. That would be cool if you found some. What are the chances? You mentioned in BB's blog that Spain has dry climate and wet climate, do you live far from the coast? Is that why it's dry? Is it mountainous?

  5. My Dad likes to watch a show on Sat. mornings where people pan for gold. Apparently there are weekend vacations set-up to do that sort of thing.

    Have fun! Enjoy your Dad!

  6. Sounds like a great time! We want pics! Panning for gold. I use to try to do that in our creek by our house. I watched Laura Ingals do it on Little House! I found what she found. FOOLS gold. I didn't keep doing it because I didn't like being a fool. :(