16 August 2007

What happened to July?!

I'm not really sure what happened to the last six weeks. A lot of work in July wrapping up, and then undoing and then wrapping up the Path. That went on the whole month. The boss left on Aug. 2 with a complete DVD. Whew. First two weeks of August: praying for a way to get over all the bad feelings a couple of my coworkers left me with. Lovely. I'm glad Path is done, wish I was more ecstatic. It's mainly just relief and disgust at people's behavior.

Never heard back on that story I submitted. They asked for a rewrite and then the magazine almost went under. Now it's coming back but as a pay ezine instead of a free one. I'm not sure if my story got lost in the shuffle or what. I should probably follow up, and or sign up for the paid subscription. I've re-read 150 pages of my last completed book trying to figure out where I'm at in the rewrite and who these characters are.

Discovered a paperwork error in our official finances to the tune of thousands of dollars. Fortunately an accountant type friend here came over and ran the numbers for us. Waiting...two weeks now for Springfield to analyze and agree with the new numbers which means they owe us thousands rather than we already have it. Lord, please let that work out.

I got my hair cut quite short last week. I could form it into a spikey fauxhawk if I wanted to...someone said just because you can doesn't mean you should...Probably I won't. Or maybe once as a joke. : )

We had a Romanian girl living with us for a week. She gets back tonight for a little while, but she feels bad and is going to go live with someone else. She just had to get out of her rental place for the month of August. She's really sweet and it's no big deal. She's trying to join the Spanish masters commission in September so she can learn more about God and get out of her nanny, housekeeper, poor paying immigrant job. It's almost like having a grown up kid living at home. She comes and goes on her own and eats on her own. She's also very pretty if you know any single guys interested in a nice Romanian girl who does speak some English.

My brother broke off his engagement. Big news. We'll still come home for Christmas since that was the plan anyway. My dad had a biopsy that made us all nervous, but it came back clean yesterday. Yippee.

Today I got excited again about a project I had started for work last year and basically hadn't had any time to work on it because of Path. Initially after Path I was too discouraged to start working on Women of the Bible because of what happened. God is affirming who I am in him, separate from all the garbage, and I'm catching a vision for the project again. I had a brain storm today about finding talent for it and it was wonderful and exciting. I like the discovery process of writing a project and brainstorming it. Who knows if this will fly? I've just got to focus on the vision and the details and leave the rest up to God.

Lots in this post to give thanks for. In case I wasn't clear...thanks God!


  1. I always ask what happened to July come August, because July has always been my favorite month.

    Weird that you haven't heard back from that magazine. Not hearing back is more annoying than a no, I would think.

    I hadn't heard your brother's engagement was broken off. I'm sorry to hear it.

    Sounds like that last project was quite the ordeal. I hope the next one doesn't come with as many problems.

  2. Sorry to hear that coworkers made things difficult. Sounds like things are coming together. Sometimes we just need time to readjust after going through big time consuming projects and demands.

  3. Wow! Good post. Thanks for the update. You covered quite a bit of info. I feel like your living right down the street.

    - Now that the Path is done, what is your focus with IMM?

    - Good luck with magazine. I should have you write something for Workmanship.

    - They owe you thousands...that is great news. Hopefully they haven't spent it.

    - With the husband you have, I am sure you sport the fauxhawk from time to time. And when you do, I want to see pictures.

    - How old is the Romaniam girl? Not for me, but for Tim. I know he has been to Romania and likes Romanian girls. We she be interested in a 33 year old doctor who likes to travel, snow ski, explore the outdoors, listen to music, and eat chocolate (and probably Wisconsin cheese)?

    - I didn't hear about Mick. That can be sad or good news, if he is saving himself from making a mistake. I don't know.

    -Good news that your still coming home for Christmas.

    - Good news for your dad, too!

    - If you have time can you fill us/me in on your project. Did you post about this earlier and I have forgotten. If so, point me to the post. I guess I could look it up. Is the project a personal project or an IMM project?

    -Good to hear from you. Tell Darwin to give us an update or a story about big SWORDS.

  4. Good to hear from you again. Hey does your brother like Romanian women?

  5. I bet you look really good with your new haircut! Hope everything works out with the finances and the book!

  6. Interesting....
    Maybe I'll have to come visit soon.
    Hey let me know when you'll be in KS. If I can't make it to Spain this year, then I want to visit you guys here.
    Again if you want to go skiing....