25 June 2007

Writing again

After months of busyness at work, I'm trying to get back in the writing saddle. I've written newsletters for work, scraps of scripts, etc but not just the fun writing I do for myself. It's really been since January also since I've worked on the in depth scripts for work. I write much better when I'm in the habit and I have to jump start my habit now.

To ease into it, last Friday I edited/read outloud a short story, wrote a cover letter and submitted it to a magazine. I got a fairly favorable response already, asking for a rewrite of the ending which is much better than a flat out rejection. I had a crudy day at work and had such a hard time even facing the idea of trying to sit at the computer, much less rewrite the end of my story.

I sat down sullen and not in the mood, but there's a certain beauty to just simply making yourself do it. I think writing is 99 percent about making yourself just sit down and try, and maybe 1 percent inspiration or mood. Tonight was hard because usually I'm just lazy and making myself do something, this was actually a rough day, an uneasy state of mind to overcome.

If it's mostly about getting words on "paper" (or screen), then I managed it. I'm not happy with a couple sentences and I think it needs some more work, but there's something there that wasn't before. It may not be great but it's a place to start, or end I guess in this case.

I will have my Thursday to do some stuff for work. Again, I'm not in the writing habit, and in the case of this project, I need to do research before I can write, so Thursday may just be research. And we'll be traveling Friday so I'll probably not have time. Next week, I have to be in the editing suite again, so I don't know when my next opportunity will come. I want to get more disciplined about using evening times but I can see the challenge of today. I've used a lot of my mental energy before I can get to it. I've read lots of stories of writers who have become big -- they had to want it really badly. Getting up at 5 am to write and that sort of thing. I guess I'm not wanting it that badly yet, although I did sit down tonight and make some progress under less than perfect circumstances, so I'll take that as a good sign.


  1. That was pretty quick to get a response from that magazine. Asking for a minor rewrite sounds like great news.

    I like it when a long period of responsibilities clears up. Even if it is replaced by other responsibilities. You'll have to keep us updated on how the writing goes.

  2. I hope you will be able to fit writing in your upcoming schedule. Do you compose on paper or type on a computer? I have a hard time writing blogs because I'm not curled up on the couch with a pen and paper.

  3. At my first job I still did paper, but I learned to compose at a typewriter at that job - they were behind the times even then.

    Now if it is something I know I want to print from a printer, I prefer to compose at the keyboard. If it is just a journal entry, I prefer paper, but sometimes even journal on the computer.

  4. Glad to hear you got some writing time. I hope that it comes easier then you think to incorporate it more. Keep us posted on the magazine and how the story goes! :)

  5. Glad to hear you are writing again. What is the story about?

  6. I finally found your blog. It has been so long. I wondered and wondered who roaming writer was, then I thought of the only writer I knew, you. BB doesn't tell me anything. I am so glad you are writing again. I know you will do well.