07 July 2005

First Impressions

Today I first saw Spain from an airplane. A bird's eye view of the Pyranees mountains with snow bits still on the top dividing France from Spain. The valleys were filled with tan and green patches of rural agriculture. As we neared the city tile roofs came into view and the Mediterranean sea.

Barcelona was only an airport and a freeway. It was good to get here finally. We were delayed three hours in Atlanta by Tropical Storm Cindy.

We came right back to Tarragona where the Language school and ministry center are located. It's wonderful coming to an already established missionary community. The veterans pick you up and hand carry you every where. It gives the attled, jet lagged brain a break. (Though I slept fairly well on the flight and have been functional today, much to my delight.)

We've been in two homes - impressions - marble floors, metal slide down shutters, more contemporary furnishings, small rooms but more rooms than I expected. Square toilets, a variety of flushing methods.

A trip to the grocery store - a big super Walmart type of place called Carrefour. People dress up more here and seem friendly. We bumped into someone from church that the lady taking us knew and they all introduced themselves and their kids. (in Spanish of course). There was a whole isle for yogurt and one whole side of an aisle for varieties of sausage including big legs of hams (including the hoof). We didn't study this because we were just too tired. I couldn't make a decision about how many paper towel rolls to buy, fortunately the woman with us made it for me.

All the traffic signs and brands of groceries remind me a lot of the things we dealt with in Belgium, so it is bringing back lots of memories.

So far a good thing. Looking forward to sleeping in a real bed tonight. Yes, the home we are staying in the next few weeks does actually look out on the Mediterranean sea - I've never lived somewhere like that. It is about a two block walk to what everyone refers to as the "nude" beach. Lovely. We walked down but it was evening and too cool for anyone to be out on the beach. This will be a good place to learn Spanish and look forward to the next step in the process.


  1. I take it that you've obtained web access?

    I'm going to put a bunch of salt and water in a bucket and have a fan blow across the surface into my face.

    That should be enough to simulate the Mediterranean - right?

    Glad to hear that your travels were safe. Some friends at work asked if you were flying through London after the news started coming in this morning.

    If you've been sleeping off the jet lag, you should check the news.

  2. I was concerned that the happenings in London would impact your flight. I didn't even think about Cindy or Dennis.

    About the nude beach, I guess that's the only way to get a truly even tan.

  3. Stop commenting on my site - thank you!

  4. Yes, I agree. I think the nude beach would be an excellent place to learn spanish.
    Dust is right. Darwin need a nice even tan.

    I am glad to here from you so soon. I wasn't expecting it this quick.

  5. Glad to hear from you and so quickly after leaving! How awesome it must be to be staying so close to the Mediterranean. I would be leary of eating meat with the hoof still in place.

    Just think of the Spanish words you would learn at a nude beach.

  6. great to have you online already! I think it sounds great. I wish I were walking along the Mediterranean right now.

  7. The London thing has our families shook up. Didn't tell them our second option on flights was via London, but we opted for the direct flight. Watching the London CNN here to get the details.

    Surprised by our access - obviously not our own computer yet. Lovin'technology!