27 June 2005


An old comedy routine talks about stuff. You gotta have some place to keep your stuff, and you gotta make room to bring home more stuff, stuff and more stuff...etc.

Today I watched all my stuff be pulled out of my drive way and down the road. I was cleaning the kitchen and had an idea that I needed to use the phone. When I walked into the living room, I saw a truck hooked up to our container pulling out of the drive way. I thought they'd ring the door bell and give me a seal number or something. No they just hooked up all our belongings and drove off. The next time we see it all will be in a foreign country.

Thanks to you that helped us put all that stuff in the container! Big time! May all that stuff arrive in Madrid safely.


  1. Nothing like seeing your stuff carted away to put things in perspective.

    Last time we moved I was happy with how little stuff we had. I wouldn't be so happy if we moved now.

  2. Being a pack rat, I do have a lot of stuff. I have been motivated recently to go through my things and get rid of some.

    Hopefully, you won't see any more movies with bad things happening around a container.

  3. Roaming apparently see the ghost pooh. I wonder if her ectophasic goggles are tuned to the wrong frequency.