11 June 2005

Reality shows for everyone

I'm not a big reality TV fan. I watch a little precariously through Dar, and through you my friends I sort of know what is going on in a given show. I feel connected enough.

I discovered last week that my parents are hooked on a reality show. I would never have expected this in a million years. They haven't watched any of the main network shows and in fact think those shows are dumb, so I was shocked.

They are watching Hell's Kitchen on Fox. It's about a mean British (I think) chef who has two teams of wanna-be chefs who are competing for a permanent job in a swanky restaurant (again I'm not totally positive). I watched a little with them. It had all the same tension of the other shows and personality back biting. Gross stuff like how many squid can you skin and de-gut in 10 minutes. And someone gets the boot off one of the teams at the end. My dad likes it because the mean chef reminds him of a kitchen manager at his first job. My mom is a gourmand and I guess she likes it for that aspect.

It just goes to show you there's a reality show for everyone. I just haven't found mine yet.


  1. I saw some of the previews for the Hells Kitchen. I couldn't handle someone looking me in the face and telling me that the food I made was worthless garbage. I have heard people say that the teachers that they have learned from the most were ones that were brutally honest with them. Maybe true growth takes someone that pushes you to take it up a notch. Just food for thought. : )

    Roaming, maybe a mystery themed tea party reality show might peak your interest. Maybe you could use your writing skills to develop a "pilot" show.

  2. What a good idea -- a mystery reality show! Although it wouldn't be nice for anyone to get killed, no one would want to be on it. I'll have to think about that.

  3. Check out "Just Fire Me Please!" on CBS Tuesday evenings. Good reality show...

  4. I just saw the ads for Hell's Kitchen for the first time last night. There's no way in H----, I would be on that show, let alone watch it...LOL!

    But my kids and I do love watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It really brings out the compassionate side in them. Which is cool, because I always get to throw in a "teachable moment" for them!

    BTW, I did watch the last two weeks of Beauty and the Geek! I think I was always the geek though...but it is interesting to see the stereotypes that are unfortunate in our society.

    There is a new one coming on called Welcome to The Neighborhood that I might watch...LOL!

  5. Fire me please is hilarious. I was rolling with the antics that people were using to annoy their boss and co-workers to get fired. DAR, I would love to see the character you would use to get fired. (probably quiet and pyschotic.)

    Extreme Home Makeover is the best example of how the church should be. I love that show. I cry everytime.

  6. Roam, I too believe you should work on the mystery themed reality show! That would be cool.

    What makes one show more "real" than another? What is "reality tv? Can anything on tv that is produced and directed really be "real?" Just some thoughts. Roam would you like to tackle this or maybe forrest has some thoughts on it?!?

  7. We'll have to check out Fire Me Please tonight.