02 June 2005

It's good to use my brain

Today I have climbed a mountain. Not the ones in Washington State that Doc climbed last weekend, but I do feel like celebrating. I managed to post a website for our missions endeavor. No big deal for all of you techno-crats, but for me it was a huge accomplishment.

I had no idea what I was doing and had to teach myself the program I was using, a little of html, and how to post. It's something I've been working on for more than six months. Not six months straight, but on and off during that time.

It comes with great satisfaction. It's the kind of feeling you get when you solve a really complex problem, or something is beyond your understanding, bing the light goes on and you get it. Since I'm not a computer geek (I say this affectionately as my dad and brother are), I feel an intense, almost high, when I'm able to restore order to the computer universe. Today, I have that same feeling. A little shocked that I managed to pull this off, but satisfied that however disorganized and filled with bad code it is, I did it.

Feel free to go look and gently tell me what's wrong. It's got to have major problems, but today I can bask in completion. Tomorrow I can learn how to fix the problems, maybe talking to some of you. You'll recognize the web journal posts as I stole them from our posts here.



  1. cool site. Way to go! I'm impressed. But I am not the one you are trying to impress so I'll let the computer geeks speak for themselves.

  2. Your website looks nice! It is professional and well made. It encourages me to try to learn how to create a website also.

  3. The two things that I care about when visiting a website are layout and atmosphere. I think your site is very well designed with those two standards in mind.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments! I didn't mean to beg for compliments, but do appreciate them anyway!

  5. I don't think you were begging for compliments. You were just pointing us to your site. :)

  6. Here is some constructive critisicm, since you asked for it.

    If I were you, I would use some of your graphic design skills to design a killer graphic of your name for the page header. It seems that you just picked a font and it makes it look a little unprofessional (I know it is.) You need to brand your name and create and identifible logo. I would even consider playing around with the phrase "how are our feet" at the top of each page. That is how I indentify one of your newsletters.

    The cross look nice, but it has a celtic feel to it? I could be wrong. How about something a little more spanish oriented.

    I would maybe seperate the Bio and the home page. That picture of Darwin scares me a little bit...to many war movies.

    When I go to a website, I like the home page to be indentifiable and have the current news. I don't know if you'll have enough to be news worthy?!? Something like June 12 -visas arrived june 24 fly to spain
    june 26 - settled into new apartment
    July 1st - start first project. Something kinda fun and informative.

    The home page should have your latest "feet" picture along with a nice photo of the two of you.
    I think it would be kinda boring for return visitors to see the bio as the home page.

    I would also like to see a link of all of your "feet" pictures that contain a little back story. That would be fun.