28 April 2005

Roller Coaster

What a week! On Monday, we visited the Spanish Consulate for several hours. In Chicago, the consulate said Dar's papers were in order but since I didn't have one thing (which they told our bosses in Spain I didn't need) my visa would not allow me to do missions work OR I had to get two more papers from Spain because I'm now under the new rules and Dar is under the old rules. And by the way my visa was going to take 6 weeks to 3 months and his would only take 2-3 weeks.

It looked like Dar was going to have to go to Spain without me, since he will only have a certain number of days to enter the country when he gets his visa. We were having headquarters call our boss in Spain and him call our cell phone as we're standing on a street corner in Chicago. It was like one of those moments that if you saw in someone elses life you'd be like, "No way." We weren't in tears or anything, but it felt almost like starting over on the paperwork since it takes so long to get stuff from Spain. Blindsided. Some anger too since we'd done all we were told. It was looking like we wouldn't leave for months. Really paralyzing. While we don't want to say goodbye to everyone, we are feeling like we owe it to our supporters to get going.

We spent two very shocked and shaken days. Then yesterday we got another call from Spain. Our area director (the next boss up in line) said we were to have me enter as a resident -- that is technically unable to do missions work. We'll sort out the kind of work I can do on that side of the big pond. Also we are to go to Spain when Dar gets his visa. I will return to Chicago when my visa is ready and pick it up. So time wise we are back on track for a departure sometime in June. Suddenly everything is on and urgent, but this feels better than a quagmire. Jetting back and forth between Madrid and Chicago sounds insane, but our boss said "welcome to missions." My friend L said it might be good because I will know of things I really can't get and really want after a couple months in Spain, so I can do a Walmart run in Chicago.



  1. That Wal-Mart run will be a blessing in disguise, I bet! Besides, that is one of T's and my "traditions" to do when we get together! LOL! Even if it has only been a week since we saw each other!!

    Seriously, I have been praying for you all. Having lots of friends in Missions, I know the stories well. One thing to remember, that I keep focused on in my own life: God is never late, but always RIGHT ON TIME! (If He was early, we might miss seeing His hand in it!)

  2. I can't imagine having my schedule and life depend so much on what others do. I feel for you. I don't do well when blindsided.

  3. It is a good thing that you and Dar are able to leave together for Spain. Hopefully everything will work itself out. I don't know if I could be that patient. God always wants us to put our trust in Him.