28 January 2020

A plethora of nonfiction reading +

I don't always read paper books, in fact, it has become rare as I travel more for my day job. Living in Spain doesn't give me a wide selection  of paper in English. I love paper but the practicality has driven me into the arms of digital devices. I still have a library/office in my home and enjoy "real" books immensely to look at, read and touch.

 So how on earth am I reading all of these paper at one time? 

I'm in a travel lull. Also in the last year,  I have given myself permission on nonfiction to read on and off. In the past, I pushed myself to finish and often lost enthusiasm and therefore attention span on nonfiction just dragging myself to completion rather than absorbing the information.  In addition I have four more digital nonfiction books underway as well. That brings the total on nonfiction to eight!

I don't think I've ever read so many books at once in my life. It has left me with some anxiousness and I see I need to wrap up a few of them so I don't feel so lost when it's time to read. 
Followers of my blog will know I don't really love reading nonfiction and my relaxing and enjoying comes from fiction which takes my mind away from reality. 
Here's the total: three for research, two were gifts,  one a travelogue - these I love but I stalled out on finishing for some reason; two for work or you could dub them self-improvement.  AND I have a fiction audio book going at the moment. Just finished a paper fiction book on Thursday night as well. 

So what should I pick up now?! 


  1. Which book did you decide to focus on first? I wouldn't know where to start.

  2. I started with one I thought I could finish that I'd let drag on for a while. I finished all these except one about style and grammar. It lives in the living room and perhaps I will finish one day but it is sort of a theme I eat, sleep and live each days so it doesn't compel me so much.