28 April 2013

Foster Dog

I was ready to leave this morning in a long flow-y sweater that I had to take off to clean up diarrhea from the attic floor. Sigh. Mini-Moo-Mora couldn't hold the special treat of some meat we gave her last night.

About six weeks ago, we got talked into being foster dog care givers. A lady in our Spanish village had watched our dog to raise funds for the rescue society here. Yolanda then started talking to us about foster caring a small dog in the rescue system. I guess Yolanda usually takes in the large dogs and this little one really needed to be somewhere else.

Since we had a little dog and they had gotten along while at Yolanda's house, she thought it was a good fit. Enter into our lives: Mini.
Mini had been found on the street abandoned, pregnant, malnourished and full of bugs. She had been restored to health and is seeking a home. When I went to the ASCAN facebook page and website I saw no record of Mini. Turns out in her original home she was Mora (blackberry) Thus we dubbed her Mini (as in miniature) - Mora.

I noticed some little cream cups I had displayed the name brand: Mini-Moo, so her name continues to mutate. Mini-Moo-Mora. Moocher would not be a bad one to add to that either. She's perpetually hungry after her street life.

She has anxiety about being separated from us and we spent several weeks having rather fussy bedtimes which we have now resolved. It involves a game of hide and seek with some dog food that occurs after we turn out the lights and shut the door.

Mini also had issues with not wanting to go to the bathroom in our "yard/garden" which has no grass. Mini needs grass to do her business. So despite being house broken when she came to us, we've passed a few weeks in confusion about where is a good place to go. We had it conquered until the diarrhea set back this morning, but she's definitely getting the hang of it.

So we've met several people in the village, when we've been on walks, who were part of Mini's rescue. They all love her - you can't not love her because she is so loyal to anyone who is kind to her after her abandonment. They all warn us about being cautious about finding a home for her. Apparently there is a lot of dumping dogs that goes on here still and that the police don't really do much about it.

After all the warnings, we are nervous about finding her a home.

Mini joins Dulcinea who is our Spanish pound adoptee dog that we've had for six years and is a joy for us, but we never imagined being a two dog household. Oh dear. Not sure where this is going. Anyone want a super loyal dog? We think she's part pit bull and part dachsund because she's as stout and compact as they come. 8.5 kilos of tough muscly love!

Dulcinea on the left, puffy in a winter coat, black and delicate, Mini on the right, all muscle and she lets Dulcinea win.

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