16 March 2013

Window or Aisle?

I'm a good flyer, love it. Until recently I always chose a window seat as I enjoy watching take offs and landings. I like to look out my portal window as we go and see the changing color of the landscape and the quilted patterns of the countryside.

The last few years my knees protest if I hold still too long. Movies, theater, flying. It hits rather suddenly, so I like to have the option to get up when I want. I've also had to fly for work more often and so do more solo flying which has also pushed me to opt for an aisle seat.

You would think as a seasoned traveler there would be no difference for me except the location of the seat. The last few flights I noticed a strange thing.

When I cannot look out the window and get my bearings so to speak of which way is up and which way is down, all those things that go bump during a flight seem to spook me. The clunk of the landing gear coming up? Window seat: no pasa nada. I glance out and keep reading or look at the clouds. Aisle seat: strain to see out, only see white. Is the plane okay? Are we going forward? Down?

Now, this anxiousness is very light and I often laugh at myself, but I have noticed a lot more jumpiness when I can't SEE what's going on. It's not like the window seat is in the cockpit, but it's reassuring somehow to see the ground way down there and staying where it's suppose to be.

I won't give up my aisle seat  I don't think, but my preference is flying with a companion in the two seat on the side scenario, so I can have both the view and the aisle. Which one do you prefer?

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  1. That's a great insight! It's sort of like the sounds that go bump in the night that I can't place.