10 September 2012

Koolaid lips...at your age?

Do you remember vigorous days of running around with neighborhood kids and all of you having red mouths? My house was not a Koolaid house. That was strictly a luxury that was experienced at others' homes. All that sugar being poured into a pitcher - wow! And always the red flavors were my favorite.

Another red mouth treat was a bomb pop. Do you remember those? Frozen rockets of red,  white and blue sugar water. The top was red and that's where the red lips came from. Then they would turn purple when you ate the bottom row of blue goodness.

So what makes me think about Koolaid lips? I have to restrict my caffeine intake, thus my soda intake (which is good for me I know...blah,blah) So when I want something that isn't water or decaf tea --- I turn to Crystal Lite or the generic equivalent from your favorite big store.

I looked in the mirror at work the other day and realized I had Koolaid lips because my favorite flavors are still the red ones and they just tend to stick to your lips somehow. Now according to the urban dictionary  Koolaid lips are the mustache that you get if you don't wipe your mouth from these tasty colorful treats. I call that Koolaid mustache. Granted, I do not get the Koolaid mustache -- at least I'm able to keep that from happening at my age.

It's just funny, harking back to the previous blog, at a certain age, to recognize Koolaid lips on yourself, but I'm not giving up the cherry, fruit punch, strawberry daiquiri flavors just because of Koolaid lips. I need to remember to use my lip balm before I imbibe the red stuff that's suppose to help the color not sink in so much.

Everyone raise your glass and drink with me -- here's to Koolaid lips, no matter your age.


  1. I haven't thought of Koolaid lips in a very long time. Cherry Popsicles too. I need to spend more time around my grandnephews.

  2. I remember hearing that my tongue was blue or purple or red or whatever after popsicles and suckers, but not believing it. I don't see colors as well, though.

    I don't think I'll ever be too grown up to enjoy Kool-Aid and the lips that come with it.