12 December 2011

Forged Doctor's Note, funny news item.

What cheek! I love bizarre stories where criminals go beyond the bounds. Well, they go beyond anyway or they wouldn't be criminals.

This lady forges a prescription and writes a bad check -- I'm assuming for the drugs. She gets busted and doesn't fight it. No contest.

She shows up the day of her sentencing with a note from her doctor that says it should be delayed. The DA - gotta hand it to him - calls the doctor to verify. Another forgery.

When the judge reports all this in the court room, the woman collapses. Really? If it were me, I would have poked her with my toe and been like whatever. Carry her away to jail.

But our government has to err on the side of safety, so they took her to the hospital and rescheduled the sentencing.

Crooks never cease to amaze me what they will try or say. Watching Cops is always flabbergasting what people say and they expect us all to believe it. Hilarious.

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  1. It's crazy that some people can be like that. She must have had a lot of situations in life where that strategy worked. I wonder what her upbringing was like.