30 December 2010

52 of 52 for 2010 -- I made it!

I set out in January to blog 52 times this year. More goal than resolution. I can't really say why other than my writing had suffered the last year or two unless it was something work related. I randomly blogged previously when something occurred to me, but not with any committed timeline. I had a work goal of three scripts this year which I did not meet due to not taking time to do research (just to be honest.)

As I got going with the blogs, I noticed something that I had experienced in the past to again be true. The more you work a muscle, like a writing muscle, the more ideas you have. The more the muscle gives you. I hesitate to call it creativity because these blogs were about random musings more than creative works, but it works the same with your creative muscle too. The more you do the better it works.

I didn't lack for ideas, but I did hit a few weeks where perhaps emotionally I wasn't in a great place to blog coherently or weeks where the time frame didn't allow me the concentration to put something coherent together or the internet access was unavailable when we were on the road. I got behind.

The past couple months I took to blogging on the computer and saving it for internet access times. I also started doing two postings, usually previously written blogs, each week to make up for those absent weeks. And this week, well, you get three. But that brings us to 52. I haven't really made up my mind on any writing goals for next year.

I have a couple ideas already lined up in the cue for new blogs. Not sure yet if I'll try to keep up the weekly idea or just let it be random. My imagination is coming up with more than it used to though and I'm glad I did this exercise. Thanks for hanging with me on the journey. Stay tuned for what 2011 holds.


  1. I've found that keeping up with the blogs has to work in fits and starts. There are stretches of time when I could be writing stuff, but it isn't as important as other stuff I should be doing, and there are other times when I can write several articles in the span of a couple days.

    I'll look forward to reading what you have to post going forward.

  2. Congrats on reaching your quota! Happy 2011!