30 October 2010

Flash FIction - a story in 250 words or less

author's note: I wrote this for a contest a couple years ago. I did place in the contest - I believe I won a poster. : ) So is this post for Halloween or the Elections?

Undercover Protection by Denise Hartman Godwin

Jeff adjusted the hood of his sweatshirt, then raised his fist with the rest of the mob.
“No more heroes, no more war.”
He didn’t shout. He was concentrating.
The radio erupted in his ear, “Agent Clark? You have departed from the plan. You are not supposed to be in that crowd.”
The FBI received a tip at midnight on a terrorist suspect infiltrating the protest with a bomb.  The agents had worked their list of possibles all night.
Jeff was the only one who’d deviated to the protest. As they neared the plaza where the senator would speak, his mark broke off speaking to a police officer guarding the stage. The officer nodded. His mark ducked under the security tape.
Jeff started to jog. Had a member of the force just betrayed the community?
When Jeff came around on the opposite side from the traitorous officer, his mark crawled under the back of the platform. Jeff called for assistance and described the police officer in soft tones before approaching the cloth draping the stage. He saw his fellow agents gathering, two isolating the police officer. 
He peeked under and saw the guy crawling on all fours toward the front of the stage, a device in one hand. Jeff dove under, grabbed the suspect by the ankles and yanked him out from under the stage. He kicked the device away and cuffed the screaming terrorist with the help of another agent. Meanwhile the protestors shouted, “No more heroes…

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  1. It's amazing you can have that much story in so little space. I'm impressed.