15 September 2010

The 5k

Ode to the ones who passed me by, oh so many of you. Thank you four office ladies for keeping the pace in front of me and giving me such interesting conversation to hear. And yes, the answer is we were sore the next day. I think it was the hills.

Lady with the ancient dachsund, how were you able to pass me and disappear into the distance with that geriatric hound?

Oh you runners of the 10k, did you know you do funny things? I suppose all runners do as I am not among your class. There's the girl in the red sport bra top with the one hand that is floppy and keeps a different rhythm from the rest of her steady jog. There was the lady who appeared double my age, yes in a sports bra and matching jogging shorts. Yes, she passed me by and seemed just fine when I saw her at the finish line. An inspiration for sure but I'm still not taking up running.

Lady with the stroller and two walkable age children, was it necessary to keep stopping and passing and stopping and passing?

People I know, where were you in the crowd? I know I'm short, but I should have been able to find you.

Ode to you the ones that pick up the paper cups no longer filled with water that all the runners and walkers fling to the ground at the half way point, and the cute teen volunteers holding signs indicating how far we've gone - thank you for stolid encouragement.

I would do it again, yes indeed. In fact it was bliss to be involved in fund raising that didn't involve yours truly.


  1. Facebook says it best. "Like" :)

  2. Great job! Even a 5K is too far for me.