17 February 2010

I'm damaging my calm

I read once in a secular self help book that even if you were a complete invalid, unable to move in your bed that you would have value. I thought that was a beautiful thought and expanded the idea to realize that we don't have to do or be doing for God to love and value us. While I believe absolutely in my mind that this is true, I can't seem to translate that down into my behavior.

Right now we are in a painful process trying to raise funds for our missionary endeavors. It's not a good economy. Churches aren't exactly having an easy time. People have cut back on giving as something they can cut. It's just a fact right now. We leave messages for 20-30 pastors a week and  hear back from only a few. I understand, I wouldn't want to have to keep telling people, "No, I can't help you." It's hard for them and for us.

So what's this got to do with my value? You see I believe what I wrote in the first paragraph, but there's a voice or maybe just an emotion inside me that says..."maybe if you'd called 50 pastors, you would have a result." In my emotions that translates like this, "If you did, enough, you'd have results, and you'd be a valid human being." Now I don't actually say those words to myself, but when I boil down the emotions that's what's going on in me.

I want to know God so deeply and so well that I can accept his love that isn't based on my actions, on my earning that merit, that love, that acceptance. I want to knead the bread of my soul with God's loving me. Full stop. End of Sentence. God loves even a whiny missionary like me.

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  1. I may be going in a completely different direction from you on this, but the first thing that came to mind when I read this is the passage in Romans where Paul writes that, "While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

    I find it liberating to know that God's love/sacrifice for me comes irrelevant to the fact that I'm more or less scum. There is no high or low bar that I have to meet. In fact, my personal low value makes His valuing me all the more spectacular.

    The second thing that came to mind was that this would really be a rough time to be trying to raise funds. I hope things pick up for you shortly.