26 January 2010

All in One Day

I don't write poetry, so excuse this. Random things that are striking me after a four year absence from the USA, as we begin to travel and share our mission again.

Rise before dawn
dress in high heels.
Glide through the night
light creeps into the sky.
Frozen creeks
carpets of green sprouts
gold-red prairie grasses
spread in tweed browns.
black turned earth
muddy black cows
chopped yellow stalks
ice jams on rivers

i-70, KS 36, 99, 9, 15
200 miles tick past
Honk Kong Buffet
Dairy Queen and Truck stops

excited to share
leather cowl 3rd Row
old man w/ fuzzy neck
who lived in Berlin in the war
grateful to receive MY emails?!

white flakes on the wind
unseen owls whoo-whoo
birds of prey swoop the road
gulleys of unmelted snow
farmer on a phone in a tractor
grand spreads
brokedown barns
abandoned homes
stoic stone courthouses
stone arch bridge in a random field

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the look into your observations of your travels speaking around Kansas.