15 November 2007

Spanish Driving School

For about 10 days, we've been cramming for a driving test that is long over due considering we have been driving illegally for about a year or more. We took the test today and it seemed to go okay and we expect/hope to pass. We will know for sure tomorrow and I'll post a comment letting you know. Big kudos to España for letting us take it in our native language, sort of. The English translation was a little odd like maybe they used too much babelfish translating. Here's a sample of some of the questions we've been studying.

The vehicle referred to as a private car is destined...b. for services or exclusively for transport of merchandise. (not a. for the transport of people or c. both answers.)

best way to combat road hypnosis? Answer: concentrate on your driving.

Except in special situations, all road users are obliged to obey the traffic signs...c. even when they appear to contradict the rules. uh, huh.

When two signs of the same type appear to contradict each other, drivers must obey...c. the most restrictive sign. (Shouldn't you only post signs that make sense?)

a continuous whilte line on the road which is considerably wider than normal...a. indicates the existence of a special lane. What kind of special I ask myself? Apparently I only need to know it IS special.

Which vehicles may use a lane provided for use in the opposite direction to that which is normal in order to improve the traffic flow? Answer: Huh? What lane are we talking about????

When will your private consume more fuel? a. when you drive with the windows down. (Since this is singular is it addressed to men??)

If an unconscious person is vomiting, how should you place them? b. in the defense position.

My personal favorite: What should you do if a person is bleeding from the nose and ears after an accident? c. never tampon


  1. Never tampon? That is hilarious.

    I love reading text that was obviously translated by someone for whom English is not their first language. I would bet that Hispanic people in the U.S. have the same experience, only reversed.

  2. Er, I meant to specify Spanish-speaking Hispanic people.

  3. Wow. Talk about confusing. I would never have thought to put a tampon in the ear or nose. : )

  4. YIKES! Glad I didn't have to take that! :)

  5. What? No one's heard of a nasal tampon? Very useful for epistaxis.

  6. We passed the written. Now we are trying to take the driving part -- on Thanksgiving day!

  7. Congratulations and good luck on the driving part.

    A nasal tampon? I never knew.

  8. Can't say that I ever had an unconscious person in my car vomiting. But that's helpful to know just in case I become a paramedic

  9. Our written tests are lame!