22 February 2007

The long weekend

We went to go skiing about an hour away from home. When we got to the hotel we found out the snow was gone. So we went site seeing instead.

Kerry and our car by a Roman church, waaaaay out in the country.

A medieval town, Sepulveda where we ate lunch at Casa Paulino.

Yes, that's an egg in my soup. Along with chunks of bread and meat somewhere between bacon and ham. Tasty actually, especially on a cold day.

Madriguera, a red village. Nearby are also black villages. The earth was drastically red and so were the buildings. It was a surreal place. It felt like another time and place in the world.

This must the home of the people who like animals in Madriguera. Cats were everywhere around this place.

Ayllon, another medieval town with a Roman church further to the north. Sunday, no one around and only the restaurant/bars were open.

We raced from Ayllon down to an appointment to go through a cave. It was a guided tour, in Spanish, and pretty interesting. Some of the formations were multi colored, red, black and white due to minerals in the ground water. We went from there to a gas station to buy a bottle of water. Then our car wouldn't start. This is when we made friends with the gas station attendent, the tow truck driver, and a taxi driver. Because I left the keys to the hotel in the now towed away car, we had to sit for two hours in a bar and wait for the hotel owner to come back. We were the only guests so he'd locked up and gone to visit his dad in the hospital. We were tired to put it lightly.

Monday we took a taxi back home, yes an hour long taxi ride. That's what the insurance company said to do and they will pay us back. I sure hope so as it was over 100E. The car is at a garage in Madrid now, after a lovely language snafu on my part. A blow to my confidence language-wise. Now we are waiting to hear what's wrong and hoping it is covered by the warrantee.

Not dull, you can say that.


  1. Awesome pictures. I could see why it felt like another time and place. That soup looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

  2. Beautiful scenery! Hope things work out with the car.

  3. The soup did not look tasty--but it sounds good! I make egg soup for the kids...they love it! :)

    I bet it was nice to get away and site see. Sorry you didn't have snow to ski.

  4. Yay for travel blogs.

  5. Just found out the car is ready for pick up and all was covered under warrantee! Yeay God!

  6. It is beautiful.

    I'm glad to hear the car thing worked out!

  7. Glad to hear that you guys are getting out and about!