13 July 2006

TGIF - what it looks like from here

Tomorrow will be a little different Friday for me. We have to be downtown (in Alcala not Madrid) at 8:30am to meet our lawyer type person and go to the police station. We will start stage 2 of our identity process tomorrow. Even though we've had our card only since March, it expired on our arrival date in the country. So we start with the papers again.

But my normal Friday is a day at home. The ladies in our office tend to take a day off for household maintenance, so I do too. I love being home all day. Dar has been majorly helping with the house stuff lately and it has been a huge gift. It allows me time to pick up on some of the writing things that have gone begging for years. I'm really excited about getting back into the writing groove. It's so great that he has helped carve that out for me. He knows I'm a slow cleaner, and I kept getting caught up in cleaning and then running errands on Friday and not getting to anything else.

Now, I get up and do my part of the cleaning. Then I try to spend several hours at the computer getting familiar with my words again and finding places to market stuff. The last few weeks I've been submitting things I've written that never got a publishing home. I've sent out a few queries on my second novel too. So far rejections from everything, but it feels good to at least be trying again. I've started working on an old short story that I want to turn into a novel too. It's amazing what you can do in a few hours if you will just stick with it.

Then I usually eat a late lunch and run a few errands or sometimes vice versa, if my errand destinations are at risk of siesta-ing on me. Fridays are now extra good thanks to Dar.


  1. Darwin, you make me proud!

    Write away, Roamer. And good job to you for getting back in the groove. Time so easily slips away.

  2. Great job, Dar!

    It is nice to be able to devote specific amounts of time to something you like to do without worrying about other stuff. That is when I am the happiest.

  3. Sounds like a great system! :) I like to have a day for home chores. It's great on the days that we've kept stuff up so the chores don't take the whole day.

  4. Sounds like a great Friday to me. Glad you are finding time to write. Could you submit a writing to a Spanish publishing company and have them translate?