23 June 2006

Summer Solstice

A red bike.
A dirt road.
Fresh cut stalks of wheat
lying shiny on the ground.
A pink-gold orb of sun
sinking behind a rim of cloud.
Magpies and bunnies jump,
startled by my evening ride.
Twanging overhead lines
announce a coming train.
Welcome inexplicable
cool spots in the air.
The whir and thrumming
of the season's first cicadas,
the crunch and slip
of rocks beneath tires.
Gray twilight encroaches
on the yellow dusk.
Sweat trickling on my skin,
the scent of honeysuckle
hanging sweet around me.
Almost there,
but 4500 miles from home.


  1. I love the longest day of the year. It's all downhill from there.

  2. I love the imagery you brought to mind.

  3. Bike rides in the summer. I miss that.

  4. curvy dirt-packed paths
    cracked and broken paved sidewalks
    both homeward journeys

  5. Yes, I am a little saddened to think the days will start getting shorter. Although less sunlight is an advantage in trying to put kids to bed earlier.

  6. The days are getting shorter and the bikes are apparently getting taller. :)

  7. Dust, you make me laugh.