01 April 2006

Home Sweet Home

The rent signs are down and we have the keys now. We can't park in the driveway because it's too steep. The incident the other day may have changed that with the cement layers. We have yet to see.

We have a great view out the back, somewhat deserty, but most people here have a 10 foot square of dust that is bounded by their neighbors 10 foot square on all three sides. Don't mind the construction trash in the photo. Supposedly the city will make some construction company pick it up eventually. Not holding our breath on that one.

Usually, even in our neighborhood, people put rolls of faux sticks or faux greenery on their fences up to about six foot or more to block the neighbors view of their yard. We are VERY fortunate with our view out the back. Our neighbors do have the blockage stuff going on the sides and that's okay. I think we're the odd balls with no blockage front or back. With no blockage, people walking by feel compelled to say, "Hola, Buenas..." even if you're doing stuff in the yard. So then you have to answer too.

I do want to get out and meet the neighbors. Being a brand new neighborhood, no one knows one another yet. More people move in each week. I need to get brave and go introduce myself at least to our wallmates.

It'd be great if we could stay in here the next 15 years or something and not have to do the packing, moving thing every few years. That's just the breaks with the missionary life I guess. Nice to be "home" for now.


  1. Cool view out back!

    A blessing on your house .... wait a minute - do we (AG'ers)do that? I can't remember.

    I know holy prayer cloths are ok ... at least when you get them for supporting a tv ministry. Then again, dashboard saints don't seem to be approved.

    In either case, I pray that you and Dar and all who visit are blessed.

    Just don't go annointing the walls with vegetable oil - it never really comes off.

  2. Mi casa is su casa... SO WHO IS GOING TO VISIT ME FIRST?!?!?!? Plenty of room! and you don't have to pay for lodging or a tour guide!!!!

  3. My guess is that Forrest and Vernal will be the first.

    I didn't realize you had views like this so close to Madrid. Nice.

  4. We'll have to save up.

    I'd love to see pictures of your neihbor's fence to see this "view blockage."

    So when is dar going to do some art in the back?

  5. Cute house! And nice view. So the house was recently built if you are in a new neighborhood?

  6. Yes, brand new. A new experience for us! The builders come by and tweek things now and then.

  7. What a charming place!

    Did I hear Dust and Sunrise offering to babysit????? We'll take you up on it!

  8. Did I just call Golden, Sunrise??? Wow...its been awhile since I have been online!

  9. cool digs. What a fun thing to be in a brand new place! I love the view.