10 March 2006


Sometimes you just have to be thankful for the small things. This week I have been contemplating the absolute bliss of having someone near and dear tuck a hot water bottle in the bed before you get there. It's one of the unsung pleasures of life I think. Those of you with an electric blanket know what I mean. At home we had a mattress pad that heated up. I can relax so much better when I'm not trying to get the sheets warmed up under me. So I'm publicly thanking Dar here.

It's been warm here this week, in the 50s or more at the high, but the nights and mornings are still quite cold. We aren't done with winter yet, thus the enjoyment of the hot water bottle. I did see my first lizard of the spring though this week with the sunshine and warm temperatures. As long as they stay that Florida-oh-aren't-they-cute size, I'm okay with that. I guess lizards are a sign of spring.


  1. Good job Dar for putting the hot water bottle in bed. There is nothing better than a nice warm bed on a cold night.

  2. I concur about the warm bed thing, but that should be obvious. :)

    Good job, Dar!

  3. kudos to dar! :) That's a GREAT idea. I hate going to bed when it's cold

  4. We don't even have a hot water bottle, so I don't know this trick.