14 October 2005

Church bells and underpants

We paid 2 Euros to go through the old city wall museum area. It's not really a museum, you just get to walk on top of the city wall in Tarragona. (I'd post a picture but I don't have the camera with me.)

The rocks at the bottom of the wall are pre-Roman. The rest is when the Romans conquered this part of the world. The old part of town is tucked inside the walls and is the most picturesque place around.

So we walked on the wall admiring the roof lines of old buildings and "newer" ones (only a few hundred years old) that have been wedged into the old town or sometimes even into the wall itself. (In places 12 meters high and 6 meters wide but mostly 9 high and 4 wide.)

Anwyay, a very pretty afternoon. The cathedral bells are tolling, what a moment. A building pushed its way up only a few feet from where we were on the wall. It was apparently a residence as there was a string of laundry even with us on the wall. Several pair of white underpants were swaying in the breeze. That's so Europe it may be really pretty and old and charming, but it's also everyday living too. It was a good day.

Then there was the day I found out we weren't going to be able to get a phone or computer service. Not a happy camper day. They just aren't going to be able to get around to it in our community or something. So alas, I still won't be commenting very often. Dar seems to eek out more time for online stuff and he's faster at it than I am...so I'll try but I'm afraid I won't be around as much as I'd like. I miss everyone and reading what's going on in your lives. It's the everyday stuff you miss so much, so blogs are perfect for soothing that.


  1. I posted at our website too in case anyone wants more details about some other stuff that's gone on over here.

  2. We'll take what we can get.
    ...glad that you had time to stop by.

    We once did a walk along the wall surrounding the old medieval city of Rothenburg in Germany. I love the many views and the history of everything.

  3. miss you. It's great to hear from you! Sounds awesome over there, I wish we had that kind of old and everyday together, but I would miss my phone muchos!

  4. Great description! Sounds beautiful even with the underpants.

    It is neat to hear from you again.

  5. Sounds like a different world--picturesque and laid back. Glad you can check in ocassionally.

    When are you going to be in Madrid? Will you be able to get a connection there?

  6. Used my new mini-crocpot today! Thanks guys! And my mom informed me that she wore one of your scarves to church this morning! Little bits of Roamer and Dar are to be found alas.

  7. It's good to know there are bits of us around - and that we're not forgotten! I think it is fall at home, here we have cool mornings and 70s-80s in the afternoons. Not exactly pumpkin feeling here! Miss that!