15 August 2005

Back to school

Tomorrow we go back to school after two weeks of working at home. I worked on average six hours a day on the homework that we were assigned, so it wasn't bum around time in all respects. The thing I've really enjoyed is rolling out of bed and throwing on shorts and tank top. I dread having to get dressed everyday like a real person again.

I haven't seen any woman, who was not at the beach, and who is over say 10 years old wearing shorts out and around. They aren't necessarily what we think of as dressy over here but it's not shorts. So for school and in case we go somewhere afterwards I feel like I should wear real clothes.

Part of the problem is that for five years I worked solo in someone's home. My work uniform: shorts, t-shirts, jeans, and sweaters in winter. Then I was unemployed for five months, still jeans and shorts. Then itineration. That was shorts, sweats, jeans, except for Sundays and Wednesdays when I had to have serious paybacks for the easy days. I had to truly dress up for those services not knowing what type of environment I might enounter. Dressing up once or twice a week isn't so bad.

Thankfully, I don't have to be that "dressy" here, but still it's not the slouch wear I am most happy to throw on in the morning. I also feel compelled to fix my hair and wear makeup... not that I mind those things, but everyday?? The challenges of being a girl.


  1. It is hard being a girl....high maintenance just to keep up a normal appearance!

    So do the women wear slacks everyday? If not shorts and jeans, it must be some type of pant or skirt. what a bummer.

    Now I understand the nude beach. After wearing dress clothes all day, who wouldn't want to go around nude? : ) j/k

  2. Yeah, it's either all or nothing. ;)

    Since I changed jobs so many times I always hated going from a casual work environment to a more formal one. You don't notice how uncomfortable the dressier clothes are until you've been spoiled with jeans and t-shirts.

  3. I've noticed that the longer I'm in a shorts and tee shirt world the less it takes for me to feel dressed up. I use to think Dress or slacks. Now I feel dressed up in nice jeans and blouse!

  4. People do tend to wear skirts, dresses, and slacks. There are crop pants too, that's the more casual look I guess.

  5. What about hair styles? Mine is pulled back in a ponytail if I am not going to work...but even then it's usually pulled up by noon!

    Since being in the hospital, I still look the same! Ponytail, glasses, no makeup, t-shirt and shorts. But the nurses and doctors all say they didn't recognize me since my hospital stay. Gosh, I would really freak them out if I actually looked like my normal self! The only thing different right now is that I am in civilian clothes vs. hospital gown!! =D

  6. I saw an Oprah episode where women from around the world agreed that American women dress like they choose comfort over style/presentation. I know I do! My standards have dropped to all time lows...flip flops go with everything from lake swimming to church on Sunday.

    Driving through the hood today, it really kicked in for me that you guys are far away. Missing you today!