29 July 2005

Things I like

It's interesting to see my tastes for certain foods develop here. I'm still playing it pretty safe and I know my horizons will expand in future. Several things have already caught my attention.

I like fanta free limon. It's a diet lemon drink that is tart and bubbly. I like it a lot. I get on a lemon kick in the summer usually and this really hits the spot. It's only at the grocery store not in any restaurants - only coke, coke light, sprite. I also have found a slushy ice lemon drink at restaurant type places when you're out walking around. Not all of them have cups to take away. I usually want to walk, so if they don't have cups to take I don't get any. It's one or two Euros for probably an 8 oz cup. But it's a nice treat. I had just discovered Culvers (is that how you spell it?) has a lemon ice drink made with splenda before we left. No such giant size diet options here, but there are lemony drinks.

Cereal with chocolate. This is grown up cereal, not Count Chocula. It's muesli or bran or granola with chocolate flakes in it. The bran looks like mini-wheats only filled with chocolate bits inside. Me gusta mucho. It's nice to feel like I'm eating something decent for me with the chocolate mixed in for yummy flavor. On a side note, I have learned to eat this cereal with the boxed milk. It doesn't require refridgeration until it's opened and will last for months in the cabinet. I have tried several kinds and found a skim one that I like and don't even mind drinking straight. It's not the same as fresh milk but doesn't taste too bad.

Eating and grocery shopping will continue to be an adventure and a word game for me-maybe for a long, long time.


  1. wanta fanta. wanta fanta. Dust gets annoyed by that commercial. It makes me wanta fanta.

    Does Dar like the chocolate cereal? Isn't he a Count Chocula fan?

  2. Oh yeah, I can't keep up with Dar on the cereal. He definitely likes it. He likes a different soda. Schweppes limon light. When we order something out, unless it's somethinig real clear, like coke light, you never know what you are going to get. Last night, not meaning to Dar got a fanta naranja - orange.

  3. I think I could get into that lemon soda. I'd have to try to adult chocolate cereal before knowing how I felt about that.

    Are there more things that are the same in the grociery store or are there more things that are different?

  4. More things are different. You'd have to work to find anything exactly the same. Even the diet coke _ coke light has a different flavor even though the look is similar. Hamburger comes in three varieties, mixed with other stuff, and right next to the various parts of pigs like livers, snouts, etc, separate from all the other meats. I'm not sure what that says about hamburger...

  5. I think I just found out why God doesn't call me into mission! I would have a complete melt down with having to try to figure out new foods like that. It's bad enough when I walk into Hyvee VS Price Chopper! I can't think or find anything in new stores until I'm use to the area. I have gotten better about this as an adult, but new surroundings overwhelm me. But put new surroundings with new food and I'd be completely lost.

  6. Over in Europe, I feel in love with Fanta (the original orange.) It is tart and not as sugary as our orange pop.

    I was happy when they finally made fanta available over here. Drinking Fanta gives me memories of europe.

    Long live fanta!

  7. ooooohhh - wanta chocolata fanta? yummy (dance y bailar!!!!))))

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