23 November 2010

Traditional Foods says who?

What's on your table for the holidays? Same thing for Christmas and Thanksgiving? Do you cringe if your "traditional" foods aren't there? I overheard someone recently say they just get a turkey breast and do that for Thanksgiving and I thought, "how sad." Then I realized my own food filter ideas were at work.

Traditional Thanksgiving for me is as follows. Turkey, a big whole golden bird. I'm flexible on where the stuffing is at (in or out of the bird) what with health concerns and all. Some people are not flexible on this. But DO note there IS stuffing.  Gotta be mashed potatoes and gravy. I really prefer REAL gravy, it can be supplemented by some broth of course, but not the mix stuff (oh Lord, I sound like my grandpa!).

Rolls, I would say are a traditional Thanksgiving table item. I'm not major on them because at my age I gotta save calories for the important stuff. I'm in charge of bringing rolls this year. Much to my mom's disappointment (though to her credit she didn't say it outloud exactly) I'm not making them from scratch. I don't think it's the time as much as the mental energy right now.

Cranberry sauce, traditional gotta be on the table. I'm not a fan and don't eat it but it's gotta be there. At the Hartman house, it is made from scratch and actually looks appetizing compared ot the can shape stuff which is sort of fascinating. Maybe I'll try some this year.

Vegetable? I don't have a vegetable in my turkey tradition slot in my brain. I know for many this space is filled with the infamous green bean casserole. I suspect I may the only North American who doesn't care for this that much. Love green beans, but the creamy action in there isn't my favorite. I'll eat it, but saute my green beans in a little bacon fat and I'm happy. But I would even be at peace with another vegetable on the table. No tradition for me here.

Salad. Totally optional. Not tradition for me. Black olives are a side item that I expect often but I think that is left over from my childhood more than their actual presence.

Pumpkin pie is a no brainer of course for dessert. I love pecan pie but didn't always have it growing up with Thanksgiving, but I would say those are the two that need to be on the dessert table.

I have a friend who always has homemade noodles with the Turkey traditional dinner. It's not thanksgiving for her without noodles. What are your gotta haves? What is traditional for you?


  1. Turkey and cranberry sauce still in the shape of the can are the two most important to me.

    Growing up, my mom used to make turkey salad sandwiches for the next week or two after Thanksgiving and Christmas. That was a tradition I liked.

  2. I love having Thanksgiving with my aunts & uncles from my Dad's side of the family, and it's almost always at my Aunt Jean & Uncle Ken's place. The problem is that Aunt Jean's favorite way to make stuffing and gravy is to add diced hard boiled eggs. I have to say that it really bums me out.

    Hey, what about sweet potatoes? I expect sweet potato casserole with brown sugar and marshmallows. Mmmm.

  3. I try to have Ham for Thanksgiving! I know, it's "Turkey Day" But Ham is just better food!

  4. Yeah, I forgot about sweet potatoes -- because I don't eat them, but they do need to be there, don't they?!