19 November 2010

Evolution of Thanksgiving

I haven't seen what Thanksgiving looks like in the USA for 6 years. So it has been interesting to watch the approach of this magnificent holiday after such a long absence. Keep in mind these are simply personal observations, nothing scientific at all.

One thing I noticed is that Halloween is bigger than it has ever been. I'm not anti-halloween, but I did notice the decorating aspects of it seem to have gotten darker, ghoulier if you will. While that seems unrelated, it is in comparison that I bring it up.

I saw and felt the approach of Halloween in stores, in yards, in the media. Immediately thereafter, I heard Christmas music, saw bell ringers, etc. It was an immediate switch to Christmas themed things, Christmas anticipation. The atmosphere, unspoken, is that we are on to the "holidays" which in theory could include Thanksgiving, but doesn't appear to do so.

I realize Thanksgiving isn't necessarily a major holiday, but it still deserves it's own acknowledgment and space. It is a holiday unique to our country in that we celebrate our existence and survival and have in the past acknowledged that God was involved in that survival. A moment to pause and give thanks for our country's existence, but hopefully also for the year we've managed to survive once again.

I've almost felt a certain cultural pressure to move on to Christmas, decorations, music etc. I've held out with my two pumpkin decorations however, (the rest migrated to Spain with me), and will try my best to cut Thanksgiving some space in the holiday-space time continuum.

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  1. Christmas is fine, but the Christmas season shouldn't take one-sixth of the calendar year. I think Thanksgiving gets ignored largely because Christmas is where retailers make their money.